Robert A. Szyper, remembered

For my father’s birthday, and for posterity, I’ll post the full version of the obituary I wrote for him here, along with photos I would have liked to share at his memorial. Bob Szyper passed away on August 3, 2109, 9 months after being diagnosed with an aggressive form of gastric cancer. Bob, born NovemberContinue reading “Robert A. Szyper, remembered”

My Week in the Hermitage: Radical Lessons in Self Care

Nothing like a broken ankle to slow you down. I’ve been trapped in my house for a week, spending large chunks of each day completely alone. No bus stop banter or small talk with colleagues. No client calls or dinners with friends. Meanwhile cities are freezing and Rome is burning. There are ice quakes inContinue reading “My Week in the Hermitage: Radical Lessons in Self Care”

My __________ Valentine

Contemporary art isn’t pretty. At least not always. It need not be beautiful but rather can be judged by its power. Its message. The feelings it stirs. The universal truths it exposes. Any loveliness is fortunate but may be purely incidental. This is the case I made to Randy, and why I needed to ownContinue reading “My __________ Valentine”

Requiem for Joy

After my big bummer of a 2017 recap, here’s a happy little family holiday album, my own little meditation on all that is right and good. I’ve thrown myself into the Christmas spirit this year with untarnished abandon and have chosen to be unapologetically happy. Turns out, I am ravenous. When in early December IContinue reading “Requiem for Joy”

Good Riddance 2017

Good riddance 2017. Scram. Beat it. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. So much happened this year, I feel the need to jot it all down. Like so many, I’ve felt a  that started with Trump’s bellicose inauguration speech and hasn’t let up since. This year has feltContinue reading “Good Riddance 2017”