We retreat to the mountains for Memorial Day, our Prius silently easing into a parking spot at the mountainside timeshare condo. We have to shoo away the deer as we unload. We all have our roles to play. It happens gradually. We get comfortable in our job. The mortgage kicks in. A couple extra pounds.Continue reading “Domestication”

A List for All Seasons in Life

I never understood those kidless 20-somethings who went to Disney World for vacation. I mean, if you thought you might procreate later, why not save it for then and go to Prague instead? To everything, turn, turn, turn… Pixar movies The zoo Harry Potter Tree identification by bark and leaf Bible stories An all-inclusive resortContinue reading “A List for All Seasons in Life”

The Lion King at 20: Reject Cougar, Choose Lioness

In the circle of life, it’s the wheel of fortune. -Elton John (Tim Rice) The circle of life is a wheel that gets stuck in a rut. -David Wax Museum On a rainy day, Robin and I picked through the kids’ movies at the library. Nothing good on the shelves, aside from Nick Parks claymation.Continue reading “The Lion King at 20: Reject Cougar, Choose Lioness”