My Week in the Hermitage: Radical Lessons in Self Care

Nothing like a broken ankle to slow you down. I’ve been trapped in my house for a week, spending large chunks of each day completely alone. No bus stop banter or small talk with colleagues. No client calls or dinners with friends. Meanwhile cities are freezing and Rome is burning. There are ice quakes inContinue reading “My Week in the Hermitage: Radical Lessons in Self Care”

Good Riddance 2017

Good riddance 2017. Scram. Beat it. Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. So much happened this year, I feel the need to jot it all down. Like so many, I’ve felt a  that started with Trump’s bellicose inauguration speech and hasn’t let up since. This year has feltContinue reading “Good Riddance 2017”

Entertaining Parents

“When are the first customers arriving?!” Robin’s question came right on time, at noon. “Honey, they’re guests, not customers. And no one shows up at the beginning. People are shy about being the first ones here.” And so began the litany of questions. An avalanche of chicken nuggets slid from the oven. A dozen peopleContinue reading “Entertaining Parents”

Snow Day Craftiness

It’s a little like The Shining, I tell my mother. She’s in Florida for the week, and we are on our weekly snow day, the first of two in a row this week, the fifth in a month of heavy snow and ice storms. This is before the thunder snowstorm starts. Swearing off the hysteriaContinue reading “Snow Day Craftiness”