In Gratitude for My Sabbatical

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” – Ferris Bueller, on school truancy “They’re giving you time off for good behavior?” – A former colleague, upon learning of my plans A sabbatical. Three weeks off, and then a week away at a work-sponsored conference/retreat.Continue reading “In Gratitude for My Sabbatical”

The Power of Words

A new year, and words have produced results! December was a month of action around here, of packing and unpacking, of moving, of painting and remodeling. Of transformations, tiring work, tangible physical results and visible transitions. No time for journaling or blogging or any of my usual word play. Too much stuff to get done!Continue reading “The Power of Words”

Pinch Me, I’m Streaming

Why do female cartoon characters always have long eyelashes? Is that really my gender’s defining characteristic? Where do those cute bunnies, shaggy puppets and cartoon dogs get the mascara? I haven’t worn it since middle school. Dinosaur Train, for God’s sake. Pteranodons! Even the smart shows do this. Which brings me to my point: IContinue reading “Pinch Me, I’m Streaming”

Phone Free Sunday: The Ultimate Impulse Control

Parenting a four year old is all about teaching impulse control. I am patiently explaining to my son over a board game that he cannot scan all the cards to find the one that allows him to rocket his game piece ahead. This is Candy Land and there are rules here. He needs to drawContinue reading “Phone Free Sunday: The Ultimate Impulse Control”

Hello, Facebook. I am finally here.

How do I find myself using Facebook for the first time only now, at the age of 40? I’ve resisted this long not because I am antisocial but because I value my friends and wish to share details of my life selectively and intentionally, without a hint of the narcissism I fear fuels so muchContinue reading “Hello, Facebook. I am finally here.”