The Power of Words

A new year, and words have produced results! December was a month of action around here, of packing and unpacking, of moving, of painting and remodeling. Of transformations, tiring work, tangible physical results and visible transitions. No time for journaling or blogging or any of my usual word play. Too much stuff to get done!Continue reading “The Power of Words”

10 Reasons Ireland Rules for Family Vacations

Ireland is a wonderland for family travel. The warmth of the Irish people and the county’s well established tourist infrastructure make it an inviting and accessible place even for novice travelers. The left-side driving is the only challenging part, but the freedom and spontaneity a rental car allows make it essential. Off-road Ireland is whereContinue reading “10 Reasons Ireland Rules for Family Vacations”

Verbosity: The Gift of Language is Mine’s

As a lover of language, I’ve enjoyed watching Robin’s verbal skills evolve. I still misunderstand him sometimes, but at 4, he is able to rephrase or clarify. He is even able to think me lame for all that I misinterpret, and to verbalize his low opinion of me, sometimes quite creatively! So lest you beContinue reading “Verbosity: The Gift of Language is Mine’s”